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Can your business afford to ignore the huge costs that ill-health causes?

An estimated 2.3 million people suffer from work related illnesses in the UK each year. As many as 176 million working days are lost annually from people taking time off for illness.

A recent study showing the average employee is off work sick for 8.4 days each year. This equates to £11bn each year.

How much does ill health cost your business each year?

The high costs of ill-health in the workforce takes many forms:

• lower productivity;
• sickness absence;
• overtime payments;
• missed deadlines;
• cost of recruiting new employees.

We all know that good health is a prerequisite for top performance and at UrBod, we offer a full range of seminars and workshops to help your staff achieve great health. Everyone knows that healthy employees take fewer days off and are generally more productive.

How can UrBod help your business?

Staff health education is the key factor to improving employee health. UrBod presents fun and informative nutritional workshops covering a wide range of topics. We employ an energetic, easy style that is both motivational and inspirational.

Case Study

With the help and support of UrBod, Artizian Catering Services successfully won The Health Work & Wellbeing Award at the National Business Awards in 2009. This award was for the health and well-being initiatives for their employees.

Interested in improving employee health?

If you are part of an organisation who want host health and wellbeing workshops or seminars, then contact us for a no commitment consultation.

Wellbeing Workshops & Seminars

We have a selection of our off the shelf programmes we currently offer contact us for more details.