What is Nutritional Therapy?

UrBod Nutritionists

UrBod Nutritionists help you focus on what you feed your body and the effects these foods have on you. Before the initial consultation, you’ll be asked to complete a detailed UrBalance™Questionnaire. This form has been designed to identify the link between symptoms of sub-optimum health and specific nutritional deficiencies. Lifestyle factors such as levels of stress, exercise and current diet, as well as general health, will all be reviewed.

How does Nutritional Therapy work?

UrBod Nutritionists use diet and lifestyle changes, together with nutritional supplementation, to address symptoms caused by biochemical imbalances and nutritional deficiencies.

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If you want to feel truly fantastic, try UrBalance™. To book UrBalance™ or UrBump™ today call 0845 1081238 or 07092 885562 or email clinic@UrBod.co.uk. Urbod Nutritionists are located in Canary Wharf, Docklands, E14 and in the City of London, EC2.

UrBod Money-back Guarantee

We want you to be completely happy with our service. If, after your first session, you are not 100% satisfied, we will provide a full refund.

“Take care of UrBod, because where else are you going to live?”

Our Current Nutritional Therapy programmes

Our special UrBalance™ and UrBump™ packages have been put together to help you to make the most of your time and stay focused on the results you want to achieve.

The longer your commitment the more you save and the more likely you are to reach your goals. Our programmes all start with a confidential initial health assessment and are tailor made to suit your life style and commitments.

UrBalance™ - Start up

By choosing UrBalance™ you’ll learn what your optimum foods are and which ones to cut down on.

UrBalance™ provides professional support and a highly effective programme to implement any changes you want to make.

UrBalance3™ - Getting focused

Save money and book a three month package with UrBalance3™. This entitles you to three one hour nutritional consultations spread over three months.

You’ll learn what your optimum foods are and which ones to reduce. You’ll also be provided with a plan and professional support to implement any changes you wish to make.

UrBump™ - Fertility

Good nutrition and a balanced lifestyle is the foundation to the UrBump™ approach to pregnancy care. 

You need the right kinds of carbohydrates, proteins and fats as well as vitamins, minerals and plant nutrients for your body to work at its best and to ensure that you have a problem free pregnancy and birth as well as a healthy baby. 


Save money and book a three month package with UrBump3™. This entitles you to one one and a half hour nutritional consultation and two one hour nutritional consultation spread over three months.

Many people believe that they have a well-balanced diet.  But what is right for one person may not necessarily be the best diet for another person.