Am I infertile?

One in seven couples

You may be surprised to know that nearly one in seven require referral for investigation and treatment for infertility.

Infertility generally means an inability to conceive. There are many reasons why you may not be able to become pregnant and many of these are temporary. The good news is that a diagnosis of infertility does not necessarily mean that you will always be infertile. In many cases you may be what is called ‘subfertile’ and with the right nutritional and lifestyle advice to boost your fertility, the chances are you may become pregnant. This is especially important for couples over 30 when the natural decline in fertility begins to accelerate.

Consequently, in addition to the age factor, from a medical point of view, infertility is believed to be caused by the following factors:

Possible causes of infertility

Factors                                                                                         % of Cases

Problems with ovulation (such as irregular periods)                          20

Damage to fallopian tubes (e.g from an infection)                              15

Endometriosis                                                                                       5

Male problems (such as low sperm count)                                         26

Unexplained                                                                                         30

About 15% of couples will have more than one cause for their infertility (and this accounts for the above numbers not adding up to 100%), such as irregular periods on the one hand and low sperm count on the other. This means that both you and your partner may have a problem. It is a common misperception that it is only the female partner who is having the problem.

Unexplained Infertility

Interestingly, in about 30% of couples no definite cause will be found, even after complete investigation. These couples are said to have ‘unexplained’ infertility, which means that following thorough medical investigations, doctors can not find any specific or identifiable medical problem to explain why you are having problems conceiving.

Many pregnancies (1 in 4) also result in a miscarriage, so while you may not have problems conceiving, you are unable to carry your baby to term. This will be very distressing if it happens or has happened to you. Again the right nutritional and lifestyle advice can help minimise this from happening.

Assisted Conception

If you decide to undergo assisted conception, adopting the UrBump™ approach may also help maximise your chances of this treatment being successful

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