UrBod Consulting

UrBod Consulting is the UK’s leading Nutrition, Food Choice Architecture and Corporate Wellbeing consultancy.  Our mission is simply “to make healthy easy” and our vision is to create workplaces where everyone can flourish.

We achieve this through programmes that target: Nutrition & Food Choice Architecture; Executive Wellbeing & Corporate Nutrition.


Nutrition & Food

Does your foodservice company want to support customers in making more healthier food choices?

At UrBod, we understand how your customers make food decisions and apply a scientific approach to nudge their behaviour.


Want to future-proof your performance in this increasingly complex, competitive and unpredictable environment?

Is your own wellbeing part of your overall business strategy?

At UrBod, we engage with senior executives on a one-to-one basis, working with them to improve their performance using behavioural insights and our EATS Modelâ„¢.


Are you fed up with lecture style, chalk and talk nutrition workshops, which cannot show any ROI?

Do your employees come for the lunch rather than the learn?

UrBod are a premier provider of corporate nutrition solutions that actually change behaviours and support your organisation's wellbeing strategy.